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    Manages the raw material and Finished Product Quality Control consisting of income and finished product inspectors. Responsible for ensuring that finished products meet specified requirements :
    • Manage department of raw material / finished product QC inspectors.
    • Ensure finished products meet specified requirements.
    • Ensure inspection processes comply with the company procedures. Ensure inspection practices comply with Company regulations (ISO, etc.)
    • Manage the review of production documentation to ensure completeness, accuracy and adherence to specified requirements.
    • Work closely with Technical, R&D and sales department to resolve non-conformances and other inspection issues.
    • Interfaces with customers and suppliers to ensure quality requirements are met
    • Investigates and responds to customer complaints regarding quality, manages “Customer Response” process, and coordinates appropriate corrective action
    • Constantly develop and monitor metrics relative to escapes, delivered quality, scrap, rework & repair, and business operations results.
    • Support continuous improvement processes by improving the supplier quality;
    • Constantly monitoring and ensuring that all requirements are respected by suppliers.
    • Ensure staffing levels are appropriate for current and anticipated workload.
    • Ensure staff is properly trained.
    • Must have a BA/BS Degree in related field.
    • Minimum of six (6) years of quality engineering/manufacturing and/or finished goods experience.
    • Minimum of one (2) year of supervisory experience.
    • Experience supervising quality control inspectors.
    • Knowledge of product quality control and manufacturing.
    • Ability to read and prepare technical documentation.
    • Good communication and conflict resolution skills.
    • Excellent attention to detail
    • Excellent English oral and written communication skills are mandatory
    • European experience is a plus;
    Desired Qualification
    • Ability to resolve issues among associates within QC department as well as between QC and other departments. Best Regards,

阿鲁克集团于1969年在意大利维罗纳省圣乔瓦尼?卢帕托托成立。与此同时,Alberto Dal Bon和Dino Favero成立了Euroalluminio 有限公司这是一家经营铝合金门窗型材的公司。AluK Group was established in San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR) in 1969, when Alberto Dal Bon and Dino Favero founded Euroalluminio S.p.a., a company that marketed aluminum profiles for windows and doors.

随后,他们先后在维琴察、乌迪内、曼托瓦和米兰等城市成立了多家企业。在此期间,阿鲁克已经完成了北京国际饭店(超过1200个房间,该项目使用了创新型断热型材)、普希金博物馆、新莫斯科大剧院的穹顶建筑等重大项目。This was followed by the establishment of more business entities, first in Vicenza and Udine, and later in Mantua and Milan. In the meantime, the AluK brand has completed important projects such as the International Hotel in Beijing (with more than 1,200 rooms) in which innovative thermal break profiles were implemented, the Pushkin Museum, and the dome on the new Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

在意大利维罗纳省伊索拉-德拉斯卡拉组建了两家工业公司:一家专门从事阳极氧化,另一家从事铝材涂装。In Isola della Scala (VR), two industrial companies were formed. One specialized in anodic oxidation and the other in the painting of aluminum.

In 1988, AluK Engineering S.p.a was set up in Verona, as an industrial company that designed complete aluminum window, door, and curtain wall systems, as well as produced the related accessories.

然而,公司的发展并未就此止步。2001年,公司在斯洛文尼亚和克罗地亚设立了新仓库和独家经销商,并且建立了上海分公司,负责阿鲁克解决方案在中国市场的业务拓展。But the evolution did not stop there. New warehouses were opened with exclusive distributors in Slovenia and Croatia and in 2001, the company opened a Shanghai branch, tasked with spreading AluK solutions on the Chinese market as well.

公司提高了在中东地区的市场份额,并在迪拜、阿拉伯联合酋长国、沙特阿拉伯、利雅得等国家和城市设立技术和代表办事处,同时与位于伊斯坦布尔的土耳其最大的挤压机生产商之一Saray Aluminium公司签订了协议,使集团公司在土耳其市场中独占鳌头。The Company reinforced its presence in the Middle East with technical and representative offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At the same time, an agreement was established with Saray Aluminium in Istanbul, one of the largest Turkish extruders, which allowed the Group to take a leading role in the Turkish market.

2005年,阿鲁克集团重新调整了组织结构,将当时运转的所有公司联合起来。In 2005, AluK Group set up a new organizational structure that combined all of the companies operating at the time.

2007年,公司收购位于里米尼的Paesani公司。In 2007 the Paesani company in Rimini was acquired.

为了实现在该地区取得战略性全面发展的目标,阿鲁克集团将现有的六个仓库整合,并在维罗纳、米兰、特雷维索省卡萨莱苏希尔和佛罗伦萨创建分销中心。The goal of achieving a more strategic, comprehensive presence in the area led AluK Group to implement a process of unifying and rationalizing the six existing warehouses, and to create distribution centers in Verona, Milan, Casale sul Sile (TV) and Florence.

2011年6月,阿鲁克集团与Vidal-Revel兄弟经营的法国集团公司Valfidus签订合作协议。In June 2011 AluK Group signed an agreement with the French Company, Valfidus, owned by the Vidal-Revel brothers.

2012年,阿鲁克集团成立英国公司Blyweert-Beaufort,促使阿鲁克发展成供应整套建筑系统和建筑解决方案的跨国集团。In 2012, it also incorporated the British company, Blyweert-Beaufort, effectively creating an international group that offers a complete range of systems and solutions for buildings.

“技术、品质和服务”完美地归纳出阿鲁克在全球的价值观,同时“可持续发展与着眼于未来”也恰如其分地表达了阿鲁克在不断变化的国际市场中克服新挑战的决心。“Technology, Quality and Service” are the words which best summarize AluK's value around the world, while “Sustainability and the Future” best express AluK's willingness to overcome new challenges faced in the ever-evolving international market.

阿鲁克集团(总部设在意大利维罗纳省圣乔瓦尼-卢帕托托)在四十年的业务发展中积累了丰富的技术与经验,使业务不断扩大并跨国发展。The AluK Group Company, headquartered in San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona, has acquired skills and experience through its 40 years in business that have allowed it to expand beyond the country's borders.

如今,阿鲁克品牌是高质量和高可靠性的代名词。阿鲁克公司门窗和幕墙系统从设计到完工,对型材、配件、胶条、材料表面处理的研发设计,处处都体现了高质量和高可靠性。整个生产周期,从原材料的选择到型材喷涂的整个生产过程,都得到了保障。Today, the AluK brand is synonymous with high quality and reliability in the production of window, door, and curtain wall systems, from design to realization, through the study and engineering of the profiles, accessories and gaskets, as well as the finish. The entire production cycle is guaranteed, from the selection of raw materials to the finishing of the profiles.

阿鲁克系统产品适用于从商业建筑到工业建筑、从住宅建筑到公共建筑等各个领域的旧建筑物改造与新建筑施工。AluK systems are suitable for both renovations and the construction of new buildings in all sectors from commercial to industrial, from residential to public.

对于每一个阿鲁克涉足的市场,阿鲁克的研发范围均能满足当地的需求。For each market in which it operates, AluK studies and develops ranges that are able to meet the needs of the local demand.

通过2011年与Vidal-Revel兄弟经营的法国集团公司Valfidus联手,阿鲁克集团提高了全球的市场份额并加强了竞争力。总体上,本公司经营业务遍布欧洲、中东、非洲和亚洲地区,员工逾1000人,营业额约3亿欧元。By joining forces in 2011 with the French group, Valfidus, owned by the Vidal-Revel brothers, AluK Group strengthened its presence and competitiveness globally. Together, the company now operates across the EMEA area and in Asia with more than 1000 employees and a turnover of around 300 Million Euros.
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